David Sanders and Albert DiPiero

About Sanders DiPiero

Al and Dave met freshman year at the University of

Michigan, went to medical school and reunited In

Portland to found and lead disruptive health companies.

In 2006 they launched ZOOM+Care, which became the

leading on-demand health platform caring for over

500,000 people in 36 locations in Portland and Seattle.

It's been an extraordinary journey full of success and

failures, growth and learning. This site shares their

journey with those passionate about founding and

building innovative health organizations.

Al and Dave believe that the U.S. health industry is a failure. They believe U.S. healthcare in locked in a bygone industrial era mindset reinforced by outdated government regulation. They believe that the only hope is through a new generation of entrepreneurial companies that disrupt the old way. In fact, they are convinced that stirring in a garage somewhere in the world, is the first company that will care for 1 billion people. 

Al and Dave share their insights and lessons lesson learned on topics including:

  • Innovation: Healthcare's Structural Resistance to Change

  • Consumerism: How to apply Retail, Product and User Experience disciplines to healthcare.

  • People: The Destiny of Your Healthcare Startup Is Dependent on Three Big Things: People, People and People

  • Information Technology: Why Your Founding Tech Decisions Define Your Destiny

  • Transparency: Why Everyone Calls for It But No One Wants To Be It

  • Capital: How to Tap Capital and Use Capital So It Does Not Use You

  • Government: The Role of the Government and What Founders Need to Know