Another correlation: eat organic, reduce cancer risk

Selecting organic foods may be another tool in reducing your risk of developing cancer. That would certainly be one reason many people choose to pay more for the organic label. Now in a new study, researchers in France followed 70,000 adults and measured the development of cancer and their self-reported consumption of organic foods. “They found that the people who ate organic food most frequently were 25% less likely to develop any kind of cancer than the people who ate organic food the least.” There are theoretical reasons for believing this finding. Namely, pesticides can be found on non-organic foods, and some pesticides are known carcinogens. So perhaps those people who each organic foods the most frequently are less exposed to low dose pesticides and hence have a reduced risk of cancer. However, this study shows a correlation between eating organic and less cancer. And correlation is not causation. There could be many other confounding factors explain the reduced cancer rates in the organic eaters. However, perhaps it does not matter to you: there may be other reasons - including environmental - for supporting organic farming. Regardless, more research is certainly needed to study this critical topic.

Read: LA Times: Can organic food help you reduce your risk of cancer? A new study suggests the answer may be yes

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