Appley Health To Use Blockchain Technology To Cut Healthcare Costs

Lots of stories popping up like this one of companies promoting blockchain as cure-all for healthcare woes. Please, please explain this to us! - Sanders DiPiero

Appley Health, a next-generation technology platform has announced the launch of a patent-pending platform that uses cutting edge technology to eliminate multiple layers of intermediaries in the healthcare system and drastically reduces cost for self-funded employer health plans and their beneficiaries.

Appley Health wondered why healthcare spending is so high and decided to do something about it. The Appley Health platform creates an ecosystem where employers, employees and providers all benefit from lower costs, payment accuracy, complete transparency, direct contracting, maximum security & reliability, higher satisfaction, provider choice and speedier payments.

The High Cost Healthcare By The Numbers

Approximately one-third of the $3.3 trillion dollars spent on healthcare annually in the United States is paid by self-funded employers, making this the largest category of healthcare payer.

Using blockchain technology and smart contract automation, the Appley Health solution is estimated to reduce costs for employers by 30%, translating into a national reduction in healthcare spending of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Appley Health is designed to bring healthcare back to its core roots, the direct interaction between the patient and the physician.

Founder Dr. Jerry Beinhauer, a serial entrepreneur and veteran physician with over fifteen years' experience in medicine, business and technology, said gone are the days of large intermediaries driving up costs, reducing patient choice and squeezing provider margins.

With Appley Health, employers and employees benefit from the lower cost of direct provider contracting, the control of building your own provider network and the ability to keep your own doctor; Appley Health brings back the fundamental event in healthcare, the direct relationship between patients and providers.


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