Biometrics entering a new era in healthcare

Hospitals, consultants and tech vendors explain what’s happening now and where biometrics are headed.

Biometrics technologies such as fingerprint scanners, palm vein readers, facial recognition tech, iris scanners and others, have long held promise to tighten up identification of patients and employees.

This would help reliably verify that patients are who they say they are, guarantee caregivers are working with the proper medical and demographic information, and ensure only the proper employees have access to the right information.

But biometrics technologies have been slow to catch on in healthcare. Sure, many hospitals and clinics have implemented some basic tech, but biometrics is not yet fully in the mainstream of healthcare practices. And it will still take some time and effort on the part of healthcare CISOs and biometrics technology vendors to get the tech swimming in the mainstream.

The future portends a new era of biometrics. Advances to the technologies will make them more attractive to healthcare organizations. Decreasing costs will make biometrics a more palatable move. Other technologies like artificial intelligence will, in turn, also give biometrics a boost.

But mainstreaming biometrics faces a variety of challenges. These include privacy, people, cost and interoperability.


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