Can you be your own doctor?

By Albert DiPiero MD MPH

If you are a creative entrepreneur but just don’t know where to start when it comes to healthcare, this article is your playbook. Here Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Kessler beautifully explains the failures of the current medical system and the process by which he become his own doctor: “A streak of misdiagnoses has led me and many others to take doctoring into our own hands.” What Mr. Kessler is really saying is that the US healthcare system has bifurcated: there is a high-tech, expensive system for life-threatening specialized conditions. For that, go ahead and use the US healthcare system. But for wellness most doctors have nothing meaningful to provide to you. And Mr. Kessler takes this one step further by caring for himself for “nonvital care”: “I do an annual blood test for $199 through WellnessFX and get results on a smartphone app. A Bluetooth-connected cuff from Omron Healthcare tracks my blood pressure and even notes atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. A Fitbit scale tracks my weight. Beautyrest Sleeptracker tells me my REM sleep duration. My Apple Watch charts my resting pulse and does a simple electrocardiogram. The more data, the better.” This is where entrepreneurs come in: Mr Kessler and the rest of us need many more tools and services to care for ourselves. The do-it-yourself care movement is just starting.

Read WSJ: It’s Time to Fire Your Doctor

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