Cost of Individual Health Insurance Depends More Than Ever on Where You Live

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While the Trump administration continues to use its regulatory and legal powers to reshape the Affordable Care Act (ACA), states are making their own moves to protect or expand their insurance markets.

The result: More than before, if you buy your own health insurance, where you live will determine your choice of health plans and what you will pay for them—and the geographic differences may be dramatic.

“States are lining up on where they stand with the ACA,” says Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on national health policy issues.

ACA Health Insurance CostsAverage costs vary widely across the U.S.  Roll over to see current and projected premiums in your state.Texas2018 Avg Monthly Premium$4342019 Proposed Increase11.1%State DevelopmentsNone2018 Premiums$300$900Sources: Kaiser Family Foundation,, Commonwealth Fund. Notes: Average monthly premium is for the second-lowest cost Silver plan for 40 year old non-smoker (benchmark plan). Premiums for 2019 are initial proposals by insurers who have already announced that they will participate in those states. Rates will be finalized in the fall.

She says some states are trying to counteract federal-level changes by passing laws to preserve consumer protections the ACA put in place. Several states are implementing innovative programs to reduce costs for insurers, which can lead to more choice and lower rates for consumers.

Others are embracing the administration’s efforts to loosen regulations and are finding ways to sell less costly insurance that doesn't meet the ACA's required minimum standards.

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