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Warby Parker's Online Vision Test Provides Clues About The Difficulty Of Disrupting Healthcare

Can the healthcare industry be disrupted? Warby Parker is one of the companies that is certainly trying. It has created a platform on which customers can take an online vision test and get prescription glasses ordered and delivered. Founded in 2010 by four classmates from Philadelphia’s Wharton School of Business, Warby Parker is rumored to be valued at about $1 billion. There has also been some excitement about Amazon’s recent moves into the pharmacy business. Can these new entrants, with a technology background succeed in these industries?

When we think of disruption, we are often impressed by companies that develop new technologies and clever business models. But successful disruption requires more than that. In fact, disrupting industries such as healthcare, education and transportation will require more than just clever products, services and business models - companies will have to think more deeply about their business environment and work hard to influence policy decision-making.



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