The Amazon Prime of healthcare coming soon - maybe!

Albert DiPiero MD MPH

The Seattle-based start-up 98point6 has raised huge dollars based on a story of becoming the “Amazon Prime of healthcare.” Read how 98point6 is pitching a story of blending an affordable subscription model with hightech tools that enable instant access to doctors. This company some real business and product cred: it is lead by CEO Robbie Cape, a former Microsoft executive, and its product leader is Rob Schwietzer, the former head of Amazon Prime. The company has raised raised $50 million from Goldman Sachs and reports that it has 160,000 members, either enrolled through their employer or paying for it out-of-pocket.

What does this really mean for healthcare entrepreneurs? It is way too early to comment on 98point6. The potential for such a model in concept is immense. But many have broken their swords and pocketbooks in trying to transform healthcare by creating an affordable, accessible, high quality consumer brand. Here is the great news for the healthcare entrepreneur:

Healthcare remains one of our greatest economic and social challenges, so attention will remain high on this field.

Despite a regulatory and cultural environment that creates speed bumps and barriers to creativity, innovation is thriving in healthcare

See above posting regarding the possible mirage of easy healthcare access.

Venture financing is available for powerful ideas. this is the golden age for the healthcare entrepreneur. (What type of financing is best for your business will be a topic of future postings here)

So start innovating!

Read CNBC: Seattle start-up is building the Amazon Prime of primary care with $86 million in backing from Larry Fink and other big names

Read Forbes 2Nov2018: Healthcare Startups Have Raised More This Year Than in 2012 And 2013 Combined

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