Trump’s poor grasp of health care policy was on full display in Iowa

"I hear it's like record business that they're doing."

During a roundtable event on workforce development in Iowa on Thursday, President Trump touted association health care plans.

“[Secretary of Labor] Alex Acosta has come up with incredible health care plans through the Department of Labor, association plans, where you associate, where you have groups, and you go out and get tremendous health care at a very small cost,” Trump said. “It is across state lines. You can compete all over the country, they compete, they want to get it.”

“And Alex, I hear it’s like record business that they’re doing,” Trump continued. “We just opened about two months ago and I’m hearing that the numbers are incredible, the numbers of people that are getting really, really good health care, instead of Obamacare, which is a disaster.”

There’s just one problem — association health plans won’t even be available until September 1 at the earliest, so Trump’s claim about “record business” is a complete fabrication. The White House announced the creation of such plans on June 19.

After bragging about sales figures for unavailable association plans, Trump claimed Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar “is doing a different form of health care that’s turning out to be incredible.”

It’s unclear what exactly Trump was referring to. But this summer he’s repeatedly touted the imminent unveiling of mysterious health care proposals that never end up being announced.

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