Voters want to keep private health insurance option

By Albert DiPiero MD MPH

When voters are asked if they support Medicare for All, only 13% are in favor of a true single-payer system that eliminates private insurance. Everyone agrees that “the system is broken.” But the solutions are confusing to voters. Poll results reflect the confusion and the plethora of views are also manifested in the proposals from various politicians. Key quotes include:

“32% favor “a universal, government-operated system that also would allow people to buy private, supplemental insurance.”

25% favor offering all citizens a choice between private insurance plans and a government insurance plan, a system that is often called the “public option.”

“15 percent of voters said they wanted the government to completely remove itself from paying for health care”

“14 percent said they want to keep the existing health care system intact.”

It's going to be a long few years before the next presidential election. If there is a winning healthcare solution, it will be one that convincingly acknowledges the broken current system and delivers “insurance security” by providing a sustainable and definitive solution to the real fear at the back of the mind of every American: the nightmare of suddenly being left exposed to unexpected, insurmountable medical bills.

Read The Hill: Poll: Just 13 percent want 'Medicare for all' if it means end of private insurance

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