The Oregon Health Authority prohibited Zoom+ from branding its Super clinic as an emergency services provider. A bill pending in the Oregon Senate would change that.

Here are the Winners of the Best of Portland Readers’ Poll 2017

This chain of urgent care clinics looks more like an Apple store than a place you go to get stitched up after trying to open up a cardboard box with a scissor blade.

Storyteller-in-chief: The Homeschool Advantage

How Dave Sanders designed ZOOM+ — with a little help from his sons.

In 2003, as our oldest son was about to enter kindergarten, my wife Lisa and I attended an event allowing parents of new students to meet the staff of various schools in the district.

The cult of Dave Sanders: The Zoom+ CEO's mission to transform health care draws fans, foes

To fans, the CEO of Zoom+ is a brilliant visionary who’s unafraid to shake up the establishment. To critics, including some ex-employees, he’s an over-aggressive micromanager with little tolerance for dissent. Sanders acknowledges the culture he’s built is intense, but says it’s exactly what’s needed to transform America’s ‘dysfunctional’ health care system.

The 3 Most Interesting Companies I Saw At The JP Morgan Health Conference

Previously ZOOM+ was profiled in I’ve Seen The Future Of Healthcare. I Like What I See. See that profile for more background on the ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance model. ZOOM+ received an undisclosed amount of private equity from Endeavor Capital to create a Kaiser Permanent for the 21st century without the baggage of expensive, built-out infrastructure and legacy software. I spoke with ZOOM+’s CEO, Dr. Dave Sanders.

I've Seen the Future of Healthcare. I Like What I See.

ZOOM+ is the iPhone of Healthcare

Zoom Wants Health Care to Be More Like Visiting An Apple Store

The Portland, Oregon-based company has a plan to redesign the “full stack” of medical services and health insurance.

Temple of Zoom

"Cellular immortality coaching?" asks a large billboard on the east side of the Willamette River. That's all the blue and white sign says, other than the name of the company that purchased it, Zoom+ Performance Health Insurance.

The making of Zoom+'s Dave Sanders: Meet 'Sarah,' the composite patient

Here’s her story, one of four we are rolling out this week of people who have influenced the career of Dave Sanders, Zoom's co-founder and CEO.

The making of Zoom+'s Dave Sanders: The quiet partner

Dr. Dave Sanders has always been the public face and pitchman-in-chief for ZoomCare, now called Zoom+ Performance Health Insurance. But someone much more low profile has been equally instrumental and involved in Zoom’s growth.

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Meet the Founders:

Dave Sanders, MD &

Albert DiPiero. Read it here.